A Revit 3D Model of a building composed by five towers

A Rhino to Revit conversion

Client: Archimorphic

We were provided with a geometrical model developed in Rhinoceros, to turn it into parametric families in Revit. At that point, the design wasn't completely settled, so the parameters needed to allow heights and shape adjustments without affecting the rest of the building, nor the curves of the facade.


Rhino to Revit Conversion
Podium and Tower Facades


2 months


1 BIM Project Manager
2 BIM Technicians

Sq. Footage

2.197.172 Sq. Ft.

The challenge

The difficulty was to create parametric families based on organic masses that responded to the design and didn’t produce any issue when adjusting them. It was also challenging to move forward with the design changes without affecting any other area of the podium or the towers.

The challenge

A closer picture of the building

The process

The process

1. We received the Rhino model from the client.

2. We cleaned it up to obtain a clear geometry, and we broke up the overall model in single-building models.

3. Then, we imported the models for towers 1, 2 and 3, which had the design closest to be settled.

4. When those towers were finished with all required families and parameters, we imported the podium model and followed the same process.

5. After completing the podium, we moved forward to the towers 4 and 5, which were connected at the top.

And the results are...

A clean-parametric and consistent Revit model that mimicked the Rhino model provided, that allowed slight design modifications for the Architect to review.

In our own words

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